Xperia Z3 hard to use

Well first I tried 20 times in the mybooklive mobile device before I could get a code, then 2 times before it worked on phone. All older mobiles and tablets connect fast no problems.

  • 31652 - Failed to generate code for your mobile device. Please make sure you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again.

Now trying to login and it wont

wd photos working, auto uploading photos there, but no setting to where they go, will have to go look later.

wd my cloud just wont log in, keeps giving network error

Phone is new and works with all other type of wifi programs fine

ok, after 10 atempts, now login, what gives ?

Hello there, try to disable cloud access then reboot the drive and after the unit reboots re enable the cloud access to see if this helps. You can also try to reset he unit: