XP Won't Recognize

I can’t get my XP computers to recognize My Book. I back my Win 7 computer up with it and it works just fine. My laptop has XP and it works fine, but my Mom’s computer and the 3 computers at work will not recognize it. I’m going crazy! Help!

I think you just need to download the WD SES driver and install it to the other computer. Check first the OS version of 64 or 32 bit.


Has the My Book been partitioned in GPT mode? If so, then be aware that Windows XP 64-bit will see the file system, but Windows XP 32-bit will not.

What “trysesfirst” said - Install the driver, I think you can download it from WD.

I’ve had this happen as well, XP sometimes just does not detect USB drives. You may need to check Windows Update for any Driver Updates for your motherboard. Also if you have insufficient Chipset drivers in your OS it may do this as well.

Usually this happens to me with the Laptop Sized drives, the ones that have no power adapter. I’ve never heard of it happening with My Books, but the SES thing may be valid, so try that.