XP SP3 BSOD (and looping reboot) with new passport caused by Diskeeper 12 (Solution)

Posting this just as information about Diskeeper driver causing Passport not to function.

(Solved by uninstalling Diskeeper.)

I just received a new 2TB My Passport to use with my laptop running XP SP3 (and completely updated via MSFT update.)

I plugged it in and windows asked to search and install a driver. I clicked ok and It did so. 

The machine immediately showed a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). 

When I restarted the machine it goes into a reboot BSOD loop each time it gets into windows.

I downloaded and installed the latest WD SES driver (from the WD support site) for My Passport, but it did not solve the problem

I couldn’t make out the details of the BSOD screen, so I checked here and, finding nothing that applied, I called WD tech support.  They suggested sending a refurb via RMA. I told them I would let them know later, after I tried something else.

I got out my video camera and started recording the screen. I plugged in the Passport drive (while in windows.) Windows did BSOD and I got the screen on video so I could read the message.

The pertinent info was a problem with the file DKTLFSMF.SYS which I googled and found to be a driver in Diskeeper 12.


I uninstalled Diskeeper 12 and the BSOD problem was solved and the Passport is working.


I don’t need diskeeper so its not a problem for me.


I hope this helps if someone else is having this problem.


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Thanks it’s frustrating finding software conflicts.