XP problem with WD My Passport SE 1TB

Hi everyone,

I have bought WD My Passport SE 1TB few months ago. It was working well and I have stored huge amount of data on it. Now I have tried to plug it and the flow is as follow:

  1. I plug drive

  2. System finds driver F:\ where I have Unlock app, everything works fine till here

  3. Unlock app is auto started correctly

  4. When I enter password to unlock my drive it says that drive was unlocked but:

   - no new driver appears in My Computer

   - Win is not responding i.e. I may move mouse but explorer is hung - only hard reset helps

I have checked this on Win 7 and drive works fine - can access data after unlocking driver.

I made two reinstalls on Win XP but still getting the same result - when I tried to plug my driver just after installation it worked but after I installed some apps and updates it stopped.

Do you know what could be wrong? Maybe some “great” Windows upadats or something?

I’m using the same drivers as provided with drive.



Maybe this will help somebody,

I have found solution - don’t know why but there was a conflict with NOD32 antivirus app that prevents from accessing drive. After uninstalling it everything started to work fine.



does the drive have the vcd on it?  I wonder if nod had issues with it?

I have the same problem but I don’t want uninstall nod32, there another solution ?

Same situation:

XP Professional

ESET NOD32 version 5

1TB Passport

and the same symptom…

Thanks for your help in advance

did you get the latest versions of .net framework and java installed?  I know smartware won’t work without them.

Thank you Wayne,

I install newest versions of both programs and nothing change, same problem…

I don’t know if install latest version of firmware and WD Smartware, but i don’t want loss data when make that…

same problem 

  • XP home eEdition Service pack 3

  • Esset Smart sec.

  • WD My pass 750GB 

Temporrary solution:

stop te Esset for 10min. Connect the disk. Wait until disk is ready for use. Start Esset security