XML values

Apoligies for double posting - I didnt notice the Theme section, and posted this under general first.

Hope someone can help as my searches didn’t give me an answer.  When you use the “get info” option, the hub downloads a image, and xml file from themoviedb.org that goes with your movie.  On the xml there’s a value (out of 10).

1.  I have made some changes to the Mochi Theme, but for the live of me, I can’t seem to be able to display the value on my rv_video_browse_page display.

Is it possible to do this?

2.  Also, I want to display the mpaa value on this same display, but only the value e.g. PG 13, but if I add
“” it displays “mmpa rating: PG13”.

Is there anyway around this?

Thanks in advance…

I think as th last post mentioned on the other thread, there are data values that won’t show up as they are not part of the Theme as such.

I think the only way you will get that additional factor i.e MPAA is to use Thumbgen and Movie sheets with a tab for that info.


Glad to hear you found a solution on Tinwarbles’s theming post.

It was worthwhile to BUMP the post now- less we not forget.

Come again - what are you trying to say?


For “rv_video_browse_page.xml” the rating should arleady display.  Remember though, it only displays for the file, it will not display for the folders.   Also, depending on what changes you made, you may have put the rating stars behind another image so you may not be able to see them.

Also, the mpaa rating is not used.  Apparently WD may add this later and that is the reason that it is in the xml, but for now you can not make the mpaa rating display.  If you look in the xml, it actually says:

    <!–Ranking It seems that it is not used by now>

Before the mpaa text.

Hi Tinwarble,

Thanks for the reply, and by the way - very nice work on your theme.
The rating (stars) does show up, so thats fine - it was the (text) on the movie xml that gave me problems, but from your mpaa statement I can see that WD does not allow you to use all the values on the movie xml.

FYI - if you uncomment the mpaa tags - it does display the correct value from the movie xml (from 127 hours.xml), so it seems that after the latest FW update we can use that value.

Anyway thanks for all the advise guys, but for the time being I decided to go the ThumbGen/Moviesheet way - which is more time consuming, but atleast it looks like I can add all the data I need.