XML help needed

I am using the default theme, firmware 2.08, working in Gallery view.  Baby Einstein changed the name of Baby Van Gogh to World of Colors.  I did the manual search and selected the Baby Van Gogh data for the XML.  I then edited the XML and changed the title to World of Colors.  When I hover over the thumb in Gallery view, the World of Colors title is displayed.  When I play the movie, on top of the progress bar the title is listed as Baby Van Gogh. I did remove the ID number.  How can I correct this, XML data below.



  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>



  <imdb_id />

  Baby Einstein World of Colors






  For a growing baby, the world is like one huge masterpiece just waiting to be discovered. And as babies’ eyesight develops, their ability to recognize and respond to colors makes their new discoveries all the more exciting! BABY VAN GOGH™ presents little ones with a mesmerizing introduction to six basic colors: yellow, green, orange, purple, red and blue.

  This unique video, starring “Vincent Van Goat,” introduces babies and toddlers to basic colors through charming puppetry, timeless art, live-action footage, classical music and child-friendly poetry. Includes images of Van Gogh’s most famous … Full Descriptionpaintings. Featuring child-friendly arrangements of music by Brahms, Ravel, Strauss, Tchaikovsky and others.






  Baby Einstein World of Colors.iso



If you you have inside the XML…

<title>Baby Einstein World of Colors</title>

And you have renamed the movie file…

Baby Einstein World of Colors.iso

If you are still seeing Baby Van Gogh when playing the iso…

"Extract" the ISO … and create a new ISO.      (p.s. “Winrar” will extract ISO’s)

When creating the new ISO… in the “Label Name” typeBaby Einstein World of Colors.

P.S. there are lots of free ISO makers…try Google

Or personally i just use this simple one…folder2iso  (works fine for the Hub)


The DVD we have is actually titled World of Colors.  It says on the case, formerly Baby Van Gogh.  I used DVDfab for the first time to create the ISO.  I was using one or two others to create a Video_TS then imageburn to create the iso.  I’ll have to try deleting or changing the name of the XML to see what the title is on the progress bar.  It is possible that the name was Baby Van Gogh to begin with.  I thought this info would come from the XML, but maybe not.



It is a bit strange.

99.9% sure though, the Movie Metadata XML is not relevent to the playback name.

ie.  in the dvd_navigation.xml  the active variable to display the movie name is text text="@@filename"

The BEST way to isolate the problem is to Delete the XML for the Movie.iso … and observe what happens.

If the renamed file is showing a different name when you playback… then the xml is not the cause.