XML error: no wixnas object found

hi i have this error and dont know what to do can anyone help XML error: no wixnas object found

hi scottp,

I had this same PB, the file content /proto/SxM_webui/admin/config.xml corrupted.

So, for my case, i had a system disk full (without messages), and when i modified a configuration with the administration web application, the process corrupted my config.xml file (size of this file 0 ==> no contents). I think it’s a bug, this modification would not start.

Why had i a system disk full, beecause i saved 17 000 pictures in the public area, and when i used a DLNA server to display my hollidays photos, the twonky cache has filled.

If you have a Linux system, you must mount your drive and you can clean the cache of twonky server (it’s rsiky).

Normaly you have a config.xml backup here : /tmp/.back_conf

And you must recover this file after you cleaned

But you will be perhaps another PBs with another files. I think, if you contasted, you have some problems with your drive, i think is reasonable to contact the support WD.

French boy.