XML error: no wixnas object found! : SOLVED!


I’m a French user of two WD mybooks (white 1 gb).
Last december I modified a parameter in the web interface.
After having saved configuration, web replies : “XML error: no wixnas object found!”

Many hours after, I found.
This is NOT a matter of space.
I had NO message except XML error: no wixnas object found!.

I’ve crossed several informations and found that :slight_smile:

Altering configuration has corrupted a file named config.xml, located in /proto/SxM_wbui/admin (!!) . It was reduce to a 0 file.

BUT, a copy (thanks to Unix) is done here /tmp/.back_conf
Just copy the backup to /proto/SxM_wbui/admin.

No need to restart the disk, it works on the fly !

I’ve accessed to the disk by rlogin.
Beware, you would have your hand in the engine. Think twice before stike enter…

Cheers From France


Thanks for sharing your solution with the community. Hope this helps other users experiencing the same.