.xls link doesnt work in anroid os

I have a wd ex 2 ultra, i have a .xls file inside to my cloud and a lot of hyperlinks who drives to files in my cloud .when i try to view my xls from anroid phone or tablet the hypelinks from .xls doesnt work to drive me to files tha i have connect in my cloud .This happen only in anroid os ,with window 7,10 its ok.
What can i do ?pls help

How long have you had this problem?

I just checked my android phone, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G and I can’t open them. I have been able to open them using Excel. I have and pay for Office 365. I’m not happy that this is not working.

I got an update on my phone yesterday. I hope that didn’t cause this problem.

I just did a reboot of my phone and now my .xls and .xlsx files are opening again!

I spoke too soon. It now depends on where I try and open the file from as to whether it will open or not! I am now doing a cold reboot on my WD Device. I have a second generation WD MY CLOUD (OS5).

Opening .xls and .xlsx on my old WD MY CLOUD (OS3) with my android phone isn’t a problem.

The cold reboot of my OS5 WD MY CLOUD didn’t help. This is a problem with OS5 devices. I hope WD will work on this.

I have 2 folders with castomers and a .xls outside from them.Inside to this xls i have records with details of castomers.Hyperlinks from this records drive to this folders who conect with fotos .etc All this i have them to my cloud .When i conect via my cloud app i can see the .xls files but the hypelinks doesnt work .Doesnt drive me to folders that i have conect!!!

Do you have OS5 on your My Cloud? Do you see the same thing as I showed with the image from my android phone when you try to open them?


Here is what I just tried and set up. Now I can open my .xls and .xlsx documents on my WD MY CLOUD with OS5. See images below. Click on, tap, or activate images to enlarge them.

Image One- when trying to open my file I had to choose, Open in.

Image Two- I chose Excel and gave it permission to access all files.

Image three- This is what is showing in Settings on my Android Phone when I checked settings for the Excel app.

Hope this will help you too.

Yes i have already doing this but the links inside to xls it still doesnt work the hypelinks i mean .


Excel help & learning - Microsoft Support

Search results for ‘create+hyperlinks+in+excel+Excel’ - Office.com (microsoft.com)

With windows its ok when i try from my cloud from my phone doesnt work that means tha we have problem with os anroid …


What do you have set in Options for Excel? See image below. Where do your hyperlinks lead to, somewhere on your computer, local network or in the clouds?

I haven’t had a need for hyperlinks being placed in an .xls file.

Have you checked out Help in Excel? See example image below.