Xbox XBMC migrate to live hub 1tb , how to get movie info and Icons & can we get volume control

on my xbox I could just do a scan thru the box but don’t see a way to do this on my live hub 1tb .

can some point me in the direction of what needs to be done ( like do I have to manual do it for each movie )

I have read thru the themes thread but still a bit confused , the way I read it is I have to do it thru my pc , is that correct ?

This hub will go to a senior citizen with not internet so don’t care about that just need to get the Nice and shiny Movie covers & details on there

also should i stay on the older firmware because of the dummy file issue

and lastly It would really be Nice to see a Volume control  using the arrows  ( like the Xbox has volume control) is this possible ?

thanx for ur help :stuck_out_tongue:

First, no the HUB doesn’t have any volume control, just on & mute.

Second, the “dummy file” that you refered to is when using a modified theme that uses moviesheets, and is probably not something that you’ll want to do if it’s going to a senior citizen.

To get the coverart & metadata to show up, you just have to press “Option” on the remote when on the movie, then select “Get Info”.   And yes, you need an internet  connection to do this and you have to do it for every single movie.

The other way to do this is to use Thumbgen, which if you are not fimiliar with, you’ll have to learn to use.