Xbox One / PS4 Streaming

Hi! I just bought a Mycloud home and have add movies to it under a “movies” folder. I can access the folder and play the movies from my iPhone, iPad, Mac and Macbook Air.

On both my Xbox PS4 using their native media players, I am finding a new resource on my network: Ready DLNA: CT000v2.

When I open this resource I have the option to browse folders, pictures, music or video. There is no content available to view or play anywhere.

Is there a setting I need to configure for the mycloud? It appears the Xbox and PS4 are both “seeing” the mycloud (I am assuming that is what Ready DLNA:CT000v2 is) but cannot view content on the drive? I tired to create a test album to share through the online interface and that did not appear to make any difference.

Any insights would be appreciated.