Xbox 360 Security issue


I recently purchased and have setup a 2TB MBL.  Setup users with passwords, shares with certain acess for certain users.  Got the users to put thier own videos and music into various folders.  Everything worked as it should do.

Until I decided this morning to try streaming one of my own vidoes onto my Xbox 360 console.  I noticed that not only did I not need a password to access my own shares, I didn’t need a password to access any of the shares that allowed vidoe streaming.

I double checked with my fiance’s profile on her Xbox 360 and she too could access everything, even vidoes she couldn’t access on her laptop.

This seems of a flawed issue, though it might not be something related to WD.  (I know from personal experience that the Xbox 360 security is very vulnerable to certain attacks on it’s own…)

Ofcourse, I might have simply just not set everything up properly, like, maybe I missed a check box somewhere.  If anyone has any pointers for how to fix this, let me know.

Oh, and I was trying to think of a real world application where something like this could lead to a big issue (for me it’s a minor concern since there’s nothing on the MBL I’m wary of, yet).  Best I could come up with is a parent securely stores material not suitable for the children (i.e 15+, 18+ 18R+ certificate films) on thier MBL.  Child goes exploring what other stuff the Xbox can do and stumble upon previously mentioned material…

Well, yeah, that’s to be expected.

If you’re streaming via DLNA, you’re permitting DLNA on the share.  

So, in effect, even a private share that requires a USERID and PASSWORD is effectively PUBLIC to DLNA clients if DLNA is enabled on the share. 

DLNA has basically *NO* security.  

That made little sense until I read up on Wikipedia and a few other sites.

I think I’ve got the jist of what you’re saying though, so thanks for your help.  I’ll let everyone with access to my MBL not to go storing any vidoes on any areas that allow streaming.