Xbox 360 recognizes EX4 but don't show any files!

I recently purchase an EX4 for my movie collection (which is 1.37 TBs so far). Copy all my files from my Seagate GoFlex Home 3TB to the EX4, successful. My PS3 recognizes, reads, and plays my movies, no problem. Today, I purchased an Xbox wireless adapter for my Xbox 360. The Xbox recognizes, reads, and play movies from the Seagate but only recognizes the EX4 and NO VIDEOS FOUND is the message I kept getting. Am I doing something wrong???

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What happens when you connect the Xbox 360 wired to the network? You tried to  access the device through the media server ?

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My network setup is: a Motorola NVG510 DSL modem (AT&T UVerse), Dell Inspiron Small Desktop 3647 (Intel Pentium G3220/3GHz), Seagate GoFlex Home 3TB and Western Digital EX4 8TB. Trying to convert fully over to the EX4, once I figure this problem out. The Seagate and Western Digital is network-attached thur modem, also. What would be my media server, if I have one?? Not familiar with media server.

My xbox is in another room so i’m using the wireless adapter.

I have four laptops, all them pickup, reads, and plays my files from the EX4. I don’t have any smart televisions.


I recommend checking the twonky settings to see if the Xbox can see the device, here is a link that might help you out with accessing the settings:

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