XBox 360 connection - what am i doing wrong?

Hi all,

New to home networking etc. and looking for some troubleshooting guidance on connecting my MBL Duo to my Xbox, mainly for the purpose of streaming video to my TV. This was the biggest selling point of the drive for me (included in WD marketing) but the reality seems to be a lot different. After many attempts, I just can’t get them to connect, and I’ve followed a lot of guidance already posted to the internet (apart from the linux jailbreak to install Twonky…which I’m a bit scared of!).

On one occasion when I was first setting up the drive, the Xbox actually did manage to recognise the MBL Duo and play a file from it. Since that time access to the drive has completely disappeared.

Has anyone else been able to make this work? Any hints and tips would be hugely appreciated.


Macbook Pro 13"

WD MBL Duo 4tb

Xbox 360

Virgin Media ‘Superhub’ modem/router

Your not alone.  Just out of curiosity have you applied the firmware update and if you did did you have any issues when applying it?


Haven’t applied firmware update manually. Should I try that first? I’d assumed that firmware updates would just automatically go through as long as your MBL was connected.

Will check out how to do it then get back with  results.