Xbox 360 and WD My Net N600, shared drive problem

Just purchased the N600 router yesterday. So far, so good, but I am having a problem with my 360 and trying to access the drive attached to the N600’s USB port. The 360 can see the MyNet server, but when I select it, it tells me, after about 30 seconds of trying, that it can’t connect (suggests a firewall issue, but I turned the firewall off on the N600 and got the same result, so I think that’s just a generic troubleshooting tip).

I can access the drive just fine from my Mac and from a Windows 7 machine, so I’m stumped. Anyone have any luck using a drive connected to their WD router and their 360? It’s not crucial, but I thought it’d be a nice feature to have.

Using My Net N900 with my PS3 and seems to work well

not sure if the N600 will work though