XBMC Support?

Is there any way to stream to the WDTV from XBMC? Would be great, given the amount of content on XBMC.

Have never tried it myself, maybe one of the other users.

XBMC can only stream locally stored media files via UPNP/DLNA. It cannot stream online content.

If you want  to play online content then look at PlayOn.TV or Tversity.

That’s not strictly true - I’ve got XBMC running on my laptop with the navi-x plug-in, and it allows you to stream all sorts of tv channels - movies, sports etc.


came across it on a sports-related message board, where loads of people are using XBMC on an ATV to stream that sort of content.

I wish I had the answer for you as I am looking for the same thing. There is some great movies on NAVI-X and would like to stream through my WD Live Media Player also. If anyone can  figure this out, please let me know.