Xbmc program to WDTVLiveHub

it any way can i load xbmc program to WDTVliveHub?

thank you

mean no way bro?


No custom firmware

If you want to use XBMC, then purchase a device it will run on …

List of Supported Devices:


I do has  G Box midnight and  my computer loading with xbmc so I just wondering I can load into WDTV Hub(i mean if this software can load into WDTV Hub will be best box in maket)?but anyway i got it now

thank you so much:smiley:

Well I guess my Commodore 64 is outta the question then. :frowning:

Oh if only…

Get yourself a raspberry pi and install raspbmc. Its really good and cheap. I am currently watching BBC iPlayer via it.

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Where did you get your iPlayer add-on?


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