XBMC Port From Sigma

" XBMC might be most famous for spawning Boxee, but the original project is still going strong – and it just got a big boost from Sigma Design, which will support it directly on its new TV streamer SoCs. Sigma chips are already used in streamers like the Popcorn Hour and WDTV Live, so we’d expect to see similar products make use of XBMC directly in the future – just another sign that the connected TV space is growing by leaps and bounds. Sigma’s demoing its XBMC port here at CES, we’ll let you know when we go check it out. PR after the break "

===> http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/sigma-designs-announces-direct-xmbc-support-for-wild-next-gen-st/


That is awesome!  :slight_smile:

Edit : 

More About Sigma


Good info here.

Fantastic news.

I absolutely love my modded Xbox running XBMC but the poor thing is too slow to handle HD.

Be interesting to see if the new Sigma chips are capable of powering other killer features of XBMC (e.g. retro emus)…

Hopefully the next Gen WD line can implement the new Sigma models…