x264 playback

Has anyone noticed a difference between the new x264.mp4 format versus the old xvid.avi format?
I am finding the blacks are pixelated in the x264. I honestly prefer the xvids.
I am still using the 2.07 firmware due to the theming issues with anything newer.

I know the x264 is a fairly new format and the firmware im running is older so im wondering if its there is a difference in codecs in the newer firmwares that would solve this or are people seeing this in the latest firmwares as well?


Tried googleing  “x268 codec”  and couldnt find a thing ?   Any links to where i can find info ?

Sorry. Dislexia kicked in. I corrected all instances in original post. Its x264

lol :smileyvery-happy:  makes more sense now.


a) x264 is an encoder only & encodes video into the h.264 standard.
b) h.264 is a standard the same way MPEG-2/3/4 is.
c) x264 encoded video can then be watched using a h.264 decoder such as CoreAVC.

Though x264 encodes can use non-standard profiles (or standard compliant but inappropriate profiles), and these may not replay correctly on all h.264 decoders (which may only be compatible with some profiles). This is why some x264 encodes don’t replay properly on some hardware h.264-compatible players.

Info from here:


So, yes ive seen the “Blocks” on Some movies … most of the others not.

Basically boils down to how it was “Encoded”  and probably how Heavily Compressed it is.

that link I provided is a group of ripper groups that do just TV… they have scene rules and thats what that doc is about.

They will all be encoded compressed and packed by the same set of rules.

these are the same groups that had rules for xvids before they changed to x264. this is their new “scene” standard. Im just wondering if anyone else noticed that the quality has actually declined since they used to rip xvid.

Or if possible the new firmware has upgraded codecs that make them appear better

Or if possible the new firmware has upgraded codecs that make them appear better

If you are so curious, why dont you upgrade to the newest/latest Firmware and find out for yourself ??

I will if I have to. but the purpose of the forums is to communicate with other users.

I prefer to stay on 2.07 for your theme. So its a big upgrade and a waste of time if there is no change to the playback.

With the hundreds/thousands of users that HAVE upgraded already ther has to be a few that have played previous xvids by “LOL” and now play current x264 by “LOL” that can answer the question without me HAVING to upgrade.

If there is a codec upgrade that fixes it, it may be worth me to upgrade and leave your theme behind. If it doesnt, I would rather remain on 2.07.

So its a big upgrade and a waste of time if there is no change to the playback.

I also prefer FW2.07.17, but have upgraded to the latest Firmware out of curiosity which takes approx 10mins.

and once my curiosity is satisfied and my question answered … another 10mins to rollback. 

Sure you can wait for a reply,  im sorry … i’m a proactive person and prefer to pursue an answer rather then sitting around waiting and hoping someone will answer it for me.

Anyways, good luck … hope you get an answer soon.


drizzt09 wrote:
Has anyone noticed a difference between the new x264.mp4 format versus the old xvid.avi format?

What did you use to encode the MP4 files?  And what was you compression settings?

drizzt09 wrote:
I am finding the blacks are pixelated in the x264. I honestly prefer the xvids.

This is usually the result of too high of a compression of the file and has nothing to do with x264/H.264.  Actually x264 will have a better quality if encoded correctly because it can be either lossy or lossless as were xvid is lossy only.

You can take a look at this:





i think drizz just wants to know if “LOL” rips will look any better with later firmware compared to older firmware.

i did mention as well, that Heavy Compression is a likely cause. But i dont think that what the answer he was looking for.

If  “LOL” rips look blocky then i dont think it matters what device or firmware you watch it on…

Looking for another source or group would probably be my advice.

that link I posted shows the “scene rules” set for the complete rip for SDTV using x264/mp4. LOL is not the only group.

TVx2642012 rules created by the following groups:

These groups have set the scsen rules for ripping xvid/avi SDTV and now for x264/mp4 SDTV. These rules set what all the ripping formats, compressions, types and everything else even packaging that needs to be used. I did not rip them. I could switch to another group but they will all be following the same rules. You can look at the link in my previous post and it will shows what guidelines need to be used.

If I wasnt working constantly and dealing with a new 7 month old that screams all day and doesnt sleep all night I might be inclined to upgrade and rollback for a simple test of a show. I thought it might be easier to ask here… i guess not.


Yes they have to follow the same set of rules, but those rules have variables and not all people are going to encode using the best set.  As stated in the rules:

- - Constant Rate Factor (--crf) must be as follows: -
- -ªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªTªªªªªªªTªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªª¼ -
- - Compressibility - CRF - General Examples - -
- +ªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªª+ªªªªªªª+ªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªª+ -
- - High - 19-20 - Scripted, Talk Shows, Poker, Animation - -
- - Medium - 21-22 - Documentary, Reality, Variety - -
- - Low - 23-24 - Sports, Awards, Live Events, Competitive- - -
- - - - Reality - -
- Lªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªª+ªªªªªªª+ªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªª- -
- - x264 parameters shall not vary within a release -
- - Zones (--zones) are forbidden. -
- - Any deviation in CRF from given examples must be specifically justified -
- in the NFO. Use discretion when deviating CRF by matching the -
- compressibility of the show to a corresponding CRF value. CRF values -
- below 19 and above 24 are never permitted. -

So, if the MP4s are compressed at the highter end at CRF 24,  you are going to get a video with a lot of artifacting (blocking).  Even setting the CRF at 23, can make a lot of difference in the quality of the video,  just a small change in the CRF makes a big difference in compression and quality.

You can not make a comparrison between xvid and x264 without knowing how the video was encoded and what compressions were set to encode.  Even then you have to figure in how the original was encoded.  If the original was already compressed, say it was a compressed  xvid and someone re-encoded to x264/MP4 and applied compression to it, then that will affect the quaility.

Even though all groups has to abide by a set of rules, due to the CRF variables it doesn’t mean that the quaility will be the same.