WXH1AC0M8889 Unable to be viewed on windows 10 file menu

First off I would like to say that I am not a technophobe, and I am 70 years old, so simple answers would be appreciated.

This particular hdd was part of an Acer Aspire laptop that developed other problems and I had a tech remove the hdd so I could use it as an external one.
It is 750 GB WD7500BPVT
Serial number is WXH1AC0M8889
Model number is WD7500BPVT-22MXZT1

I am using a CDR-King SATA “harness” to access the files on the hdd. It was working well for quite a number of years; however, yesterday the Windows 10 file menu just would not show it as being available.

Upon further checking… when I turned the hdd over with the connectors facing up I noticed that there were two very hot areas. One was near the smaller of the three connectors and the other was around the circular area located near the center of the hdd.

So having described that all I am trying to have some comments on whether the hdd is now toast or there is a chance to recover the information off the hdd. There were many items added to it which I hadn’t had time to copy or make backups from.

In particular passport and visa issues (I am a Canadian on tourist visa here in the Philippines), tax returns, picture files, music and a rather large comic book collection.

So I hope someone reads this and has a suggestion. I am not certain that the one who removed the hdd has the necessary know how to get this up and running again…

It would be nice is this could be simply cured by acquiring a case that is used for external drives but somehow I have a feeling that this isn’t an option.

I hate to say it, but you may just have learned why it is important to “make time” to back up important information.

That said, if you let the drive cool down completely it’s possible that you may be able to access the files. If you can, the first and ONLY thing you should do with the drive is copy all the data off. Buy a NEW USB-connected drive (they are cheap) and copy the files to it. And make another backup. And then throw the old drive in the trash so you’re not ever tempted to use it again.

Well I had hoped that this might not be the situation. Thanks so much for your reply. I will try running it again once I have acquired two new drives… One for the original and the other for the backup.

Take care and thanks once again.

Just a followup note on this problem I had… I bought another type of usb connector for the hdd and after a few moments it started working. Perhaps Santa had a hand in this… who knows… anyhow I copied the files of this drive while it was working. This made my life so much easier… Don’t know if it will work the next time try it. But at least the important files that I required are now copied to two drives so that if one doesn’t work at least I have the files on another drive…