Www.mycloud.com is blocked due to content filtering

Peer-to-peer/file storage
So, how do I access my drive?

If you are trying to access your My Cloud remotely from a Corporate Environment then it will most likely be blocked due to security reasons.

You are not stating how and from where you are trying to access your My Cloud.

Thank you for the reply.
I was in hospital with free wifi, and tried to use my tablet to access my cloud.
Is there a way to circumvent their content filters?

One way is to use a VPN or run Tor to bypass their firewall filters.

Well, for one thing, you probably shouldn’t use the cloud from an iDevice using the Web App. You’d use the mobile app. Is it also restricted?

Thank you Tony. I only used the web portal to find out what the error is. The App would error and the error message made no sense and didn’t further the cause.

So, how do I use Tor on a I-device, or for that matter, which VPN would I need?

Sounds like the content filtering may be blocking all but basic web browsing if remote access is working properly on the My Cloud.

One can see the following website for more information on Tor: https://www.torproject.org/

Or you can perform an internet search for “vpn” for other options on setting up VPN or paying for a VPN service (or using a free one).

I had a similar problem - I had WD Sync installed on my school laptop (I’m a teacher) to sync all of my school documents and it worked fine until about the beginning of June - I’m not sure if my school changed something in the network settings or what. I had the IT guy unblock mycloud.com, but when I would go there it was blank. I get WD Sync errors all the time.

If I connect to my laptop using the mobile hotspot on my smartphone, it worked fine.

Anyone know what I should ask to be unblocked? Perhaps the two ports?