WWE Network

Hi, Western Digital and everyone else

I am a big wrestling fan and now the wwe has there own network or application for the (roku ps3 ps4 xbox 360 xbox one and apple tv  android platforms ) will the WD TV get this APP soon . I was thinking since we have The MLB Network and the WWE collaborated with MLB Advanced Media to for technology services to make the WWE Network there was a chance we would get it to.

Is it a matter of time before we get it or should people who want it buy a roku 3  ) :  .  

Doubt WD will respond to your post except maybe to suggest you post you request in the WD TV Live Streaming Ideas/Requests forum.  The implied threat to buy a competors produce certainly won’t elicit a response.  They never comment about new features and functions until released.

well it would be nice to know.

Hi all,

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