WTB WD TV Live or PS3


I am looking for an HD media player that will Mainly play AVCHD files from my JVC camcorder. I wanted to know if anybody has both the WD TV Live and the Sony PS3 and would like to know the Pros and Cons for both machines. I really like the features of the WD TV Live, but also like the added features the PS3 has like Internet browsing and being able to add on a USB keyboard. I am not a gamer so I would be buying the PS3 for the multimedia features but having the gaming option is a plus. Does the WD TV Live have features that the PS3 doesn’t?


Iv only had my wd tv live a few days now, so some one else might have better answers, but I believe they both have there positives and negitives. 

To stream media from the computer to your ps3 your going to need some sort of UPnP software like TVersity, which is going to slow your computer down some.  The live has a far better codec support than the ps3, so TVersity is going to have to transcode alot of videos(draining even more cpu power).  The live is about half the price also, and much smaller.  The thing I like about my ps3 is the bluray drive, and with TVeristy it can play most any video.  Both players work rather well with playon, which allows you to watch stuff from hulu and more.   If your not interested in games or the bluray drive I would def go with the wd tv live, I absolutly love it.  If your going to watch your cam corders media from dvd media or you would ever watch a bluray I would go with the ps3. 


I just wanted to give  you a heads up on the sony ps 3 side… I have the gaming system but I’m unable to back my files to MY BOOK Essential… It looks like the ps3 dont read my back up files … I’ll be calling in the morning but I’ll get back with you… In this matter…