WS Sentinel DS6100 drive replacement..HELP!

Hello guys,

I’m having a weird issue with the DS6100, I have to replace one of the internal drive with a drive that is not in the compatible list, I have done this before, I know how to modify the drivelist, I even have used a 5 TB Seagate drive and it work perfect.

Now i have a 4TB Toshiba N300 drive, no matter what I do, it keep coming back as a invalid drive.

This is the last entry that i have tried:

<Drive Model="HDWQ140-UZSVA"
       Description="Enterprise Storage 4 TB"
       ItemProfile="EnterpriseStorageProfile65" />

I have created with HDWQ140-UZSVA, I have used the N300 and the model number…

Even in category i have used preferred…

Help, any idea what im doing wrong?

By the way, I tested the drive, is brand new out of the box, passes all test and it is even formmated.

Here is a screeshoot of the dashboard

Well I fixed, it was so simple.

I just copied the mane as it shows in the dashboard:

Restarted and BANG!! it is working now…