Ws my cloud 2 To performance decrease

Good day

I encounter a pbm with my WD my cloud.

When i’m watching MKV file on streaming via my Sony blu ray home theatre or directly on my samsung smart TV, after several movie, a strem problem appear, the file is reading but not properly, i need to reboot my cloud in order to regain performance, 

When i’m going on the twonky media serveur page, at start the memory cache is around 1300Kb and after 2-3 .mkv files (around 10Go per files) the cache is more than 6000 KB.

Any issue available ???


Hi and welcome to the WD community.

This is really strange, have you tried doing a system only factory restore on the unit or a reset to see if this does not happen ?

Here are some links that might help you with the reset process ans the System only process:

Hope this helps you out.

Hi, thanks for your answer but infortunately the problem still occuring.

for information all device , PS3, blue ray tv and cloud are link together on the same gigabit ethernet switch wich is already connect to my internet box, all connection are with CAT6 ethernet RJ45 cable. I think the problem is coming from the cloud serveur who is unable to reset cache memory.

i get it from one month only and i’m still disapointed by this problem.