WRT160NL Router and WD Live

Hi, i have a router WRT160NL with Firmware Version: 1.0.03 build 2May 9, 2011, and WD Live Firmware 1.06.15

  • WRT160NL Router has 1.5 TB HDD NTFS attachet to USB

  • Both are with the same Workgroup

Windows  can access the Router by Network, inside are 2 Folders, one is a Config Folder (witch come default with the router) and another folder witch is the content of the HDD .

The problem is that the WD Live  see only the Config folder, why ?

PS: I access from Windows the Config folder without any login, but the HDD folder it requires a user/pass… can be something from here ?

Network issues, the WD TV Live Hub is having issues accessing this folder. Have you tried contacting WD Tech support?

You can do so either by phone or email.