Wrong Wizard

QUESTION:  How do I get the WD SmartWare to run?  I’ve gone to My Computer and double clicked the WD SmartWare to get it to run.  The device has been blinking at me for an hour and 1/2.  The software hasn’t launched.

BACKGROUND:  I just bought a My Book Essential 500GB external drive.  I have never handled anything complex as this before.  I plugged the thing in and the Wizard came on.  I used it, not knowing (and without ever having read the fine print that you aren’t supposed to use the general Wizard if the device comes with one.)

 I have no idea whether the external drive Wizard (WD SmartWare) came up (like it would have if I had an installation CD) or if I used the eneral one in the computer.

Any ideas so that I can get my computer files transfered?  My fan is going out.