Wrong URL for downgrading?

hello there,

i went to the  roll back firmware of WD and downloaded Firmware Ver. 1.05.04_V.

My problem is that when i insert it at WD LIVE is shows 2.05.04. WHY?it is not the right firmware?

now i have installed at my WDTV LIVE Current Firmware - 1.06.15 (8/2011).

My WDTV LIVE is WD TV Live Media Player WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN.

Please help me because i have some issues with that firmware! 

In order to rollback the version number has to be greater than the firmware already installed and thats why the rollback firmware 1.05.04 is shown as 2.05.04. Use this firmware and you will see that it actually installs 1.05.04. Note that because of this the firmware update notice will re-appear after you roll back and you should ignore this otherwise you will be firmware updating for ever.

The only problem that i have now is when i play a film when i am at the options bar and hit subtitles, it dowesn’t show the subs i have pushing enter at subtitles icon (under the subs icon) but it shows them at my left upper corner and i hardly see what sub to choose.

I rolled back at 1.05.04.V.

The first problem with my hard drive you solved it!can you tell me how to fix that too?