Wrong Thumbnail: Is there a default Movie Poster that my WDTV keeps showing?

First, let me say I am a novice concering metatags and metadata.  I’m also just learning the ways of the WDTV Media Player.  With that said, I hope some kind soul here can help me.

I have a WDTV Media Player wirelessly connected to a WD MyCloud HD, which is the source for my movie files.   While scrolling through the list of movies vis the player in List view, often the thumbnail that pops up is the wrong one - and it’s ALWAYS the same poster, for a movie I downloaded when I first got the MyCloub and Player, which I’ve since deleted. I’ve been told it’s a metadata issue and that I need to manually edit each movie’s data.  Ugh.  Certainaly, the problem is connected to the file’s metdata:

  • If I use a tool like Tag Stripper, it gets rid of the incorect poster thumbnail and a blank thumbnsil will pop up instead.

  • If I use a tool like MoviePal to rewrite the metadata, this solves the problem, and shows the correct poster thumbnail.

What’s causing the player to default to a now-deleted movie’s poster file?  Am I saving or downloading them incorrectly?  When I download content via a torrent, I don’t save the entire folder to the HD, only the mp4, .mkv, .avi file within the folder.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Which access method are you using on the WDTV to access the movies?   Network Share?  Media Library?  Media Server?

I believe it is Media Library… but I’m not sure.  Where would I check?  Thanks.

I now believe I’m accessing content via Network Share.  The WDTV isn’t connected via USB, and it IS accessing My WD Cloud wirelessly via the home network.

Sorry to be such a dunce - I’m usually good at reading manuals, but the one for this device is worthless… it gives directions that can’t be followed on my unit.