Wrong size specification under wd2go.com for my MyCloud

When I click on
[https://arbeitsplatte1-device1191052.wd2go.com/mapdrive/mapDrive.php?mapkey=__1060290003__](https://arbeitsplatte1-device1191052.wd2go.com/mapdrive/mapDrive.php?mapkey= 1060290003 )
after logging on
watch, shows me the windows explorer the size of the network disk with 920 GB and 465 GB free space with.
But this is clearly wrong, because my MyCloud has 3TB, is available with 2.68 TB and has a remaining free space on the order of 1.51 TB.
Can someone explain how this comes about?

Thanks in advance

It is windows. Windows shows you the size of your system volume (usually c: drive) for any WebDAV mount. Wd2go uses WebDAV,

By the way, I suggest you remove that link from your post! I can access your drive. But not log in… :slight_smile: