Wrong replace PCB WD Hard Disk

I have 1TB WD Blue hard disk. My hard disk take loading for long time. I suspect the PCB problem.
I tried to change the PCB 1TB WD Blue hard disk to my PCB 2TB WD Green. After that both cant detect.
Is there any solution to this problem?

Hi SteveRogers,

We always suggest to our customer that, please do not screwed out the drive from the enclosure. This may void the warranty.

There could be various reason to perform the slow. Some mentioned here:

  1. CPU (32 bit vs 64 bit)
  2. System Memory
  3. Computer in use during the backup process
  4. Infected Computer
  5. Data Structures (thousands of small files)

The total amount of data on a disk and the relative size of each file can cause poor transfer performance. A large number of files located in a single directory will transfer faster than the same number of files spread across multiple directories. 1 TB of large files will transfer much faster than 1 TB of small files. Omitting directories such as C:\WINDOWS and C:\Program Files can result in faster transfer.

If you have important data on the drive, you can refer to the link mentioned below to contact the Western Digital Authorized data recovery partners.

Note: Western Digital does not provide the data recovery.

You switched the PCB’s between the two drives? Of course it’s not going to work. The boards are designed and programmed for those particular drive models. If you suspect that the PCB is bad, you must replace it with the same exact board from the same exact model of that drive. That also means making sure that the PCB’s part numbers and revision number are the same. If PCB replacement works but the drive is still slow, chances are that the drive is on its way out.