Wrong power supply connected wd7500aavs


i have connected a 19 volt supply to the 12 volt external harddrive, its a toshiba 750GB

now it only flashes the led light fast, and no acces to the data

what can i do to acces the data?


WD Caviar GP

model: WD7500AAVS - 00D7B0

date:1 september 2008


r/n: 701537

i have noticed that the J3 is damaged (near the D2 diode) 

regards roy from the netherlands

Check the posts by fzabkar. He has walked people through by passing burnt diodes before. He’s about the only one who knows much about these boards. If you can’t find anything try sending him a PM.


The usual result of such an overvoltage is a shorted 12V TVS diode (D4).


If R64 is OK (zero ohms), then removing D4 will usually recover the drive.

See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/TVS_diode_FAQ.html

… and http://hddrepairing.com/downloads_n_videos/presentation/harddisk_pcb_repairing.pdf