Wrong power supply connected to Mybook Studio Edition II

I see a few others have managed to mess up like this; rather too easily done with a plethora of identical connectors lying about.

Anyway, I plugged a 20v laptop plug into my Mybook, which didn’t fire up, and didn’t subsequently when I realised my mistake and plugged in the correct adapter.

With both drives installed, no led comes on, and it doesn’t show on screen. If I remove the drives, the LED lights up OK. I thought I must’ve toasted the TVS diodes on the Hard drives; however the drives work fine when installed directly in my Mac Pro. So I assume something has gone on the Mybook PCB… I can’t see any signs of fried components, so I’m looking for a little help while I search out my multimeter.

Here is an initial image of the board; I shall remove it completely if it is worth pursuing…


Thanks in advance!

Look through the posts by fzabkar he has helped others who have done the same thing. He has helped some bypass the problem. He also explains about matching up board numbers if you are trying to get another from Ebay or another drive.


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Thanks Joe_s, I had already had a good look at Fzabkar’s posts, very useful; anyway having dismantled the whole drive down to the PCB, I did a few checks on the diode adjacent to the power inlet, which measured fine. I then attached the drives to the naked circuit board (not too difficult as long as you keep the drives aligned to avoid stressing the terminals) to do a few voltage checks… and surprise surprise, it fires up, showing up on the desktop fine, no problems!   I have no idea why it resurrected itself, but atleast now I know how to get into the thing, so it’ll be a lot easier the next time, especially without half the casing lugs which snapped off!

Thanks to all for the help in general on this forum.