Wrong language

Upon installation of my WD Smartware I find the interface is all in Japanese!!! How can I change the interface language to English?

Smartware should install using the default language that you have for your computer, if you don’t have the latest version installed (1.6.5 ), follow the link below to download it. 

Smartware download. 


Thanks for the reply, Ichigo. However, Smartware shouldn’t install using the default language, it should let the user choose their own language - like lots of other software. I live in Japan, and am forced to use Japanese Windows because pigheaded MS won’t allow English versions to be sold in Japan. And there are tens of thousands of users in my situation. The default language of my computer is not my default language. I don’t want Smartware to install in my computer’s default language, I want it to install in my language, because I’m the one who has to use it. It should be a simple matter to give the user a choice at installation time. Lots of software does it. How can I change it from Japanese to English?

And PS.

I already tried updating. The updater doesn’t work. The initial installer Window appears onscreen for about 5 seconds, then just aborts - disappears - with no error message.