Wrong hard disk parameters and capacity – how do I correct this?

The 120GB Fujitsu MHV2120BH 120GB ATA on my laptop running XP SP3 is nearly full… Having an unused WD32000BBKT-22A2571 320GB SATA USB drive I wanted to use this as a cloned replacement to give more storage capacity.

I then attempted to use EaseUS ToDo Backup Free 11.5 and set it to move the FAT32 partition on the receiving disk to give me 288GB free space on the NTFS partition.

The program fell over with the message ‘Cannot read sector 0x18B12393’. The same happened after
I did a CHKDSK /R with no errors.
I deleted all the partitions and tried again only to get the same error.
Also the 320GB drive is now only 103GB in size and using Partition Manager I find the disk properties of have been changed to be identical to the Futitsu 120GB drive. Did a low-level format and tried again but same size. I know I can do a successful clone using Acronis True Image but this just gives me a backup but no extra capacity.

Does anyone know how to recover the correct parameters as Windows just accepts the altered ones.

My personal experience when upgrading hard drives from a smaller to larger capacity

I use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition (which is Free)

so, my notebook is 120GB and i wan’t to upgrade it to 320GB … i insert the 320GB into a USB enclosure and plug it into my notebook’s usb port.

Then in AOMEI select ‘Disk Copy Wizard’ and the select ‘Copy Disk Quickly’ and when prompted select ‘Yes’ to extend/resize the Partition(s) to fill the disk … click Start

When finished, power off the notebook … then remove the 120GB and replace it with the 320GB … power on, and then i’ve successfully upgraded the hard drive with OS intact and it’s using the full 320GB.

There is an option in AOMEI to do a ‘Sector-by-Sector’ copy … do not select this.

This will copy/clone the 120GB to a larger hard drive as 120GB only (without the option to extend the partition)

Sounds like the software you’re using is doing a Sector-by-Sector clone/copy/backup which is not what you want.

Thanks Joey. The software you use is very similar to the EaseUp one but the option you describe seems easier: I will try that later.
My main problem now is to regain the correct size of WD disk. There must be a way to reset this .
At present this is the same as the old Fujitsu 120GB disk:
Sectors 231496650
Total Size 110.39 GB (Note this is the size of the NTSF partition when the software fell over)
Sectors per track 63
Cylinders 14410
Heads 255
If someone has a WD32000BBKT-22A2571 pehaps they could tell me what these should be.
Does anyone know where the values are stored?
Is there a reference to the disk on the WD site?

I have now bought a new old stock WD HD of the same type (320GB Scorpio Black) but different model 00LPLX-00ZNTTO and have used the AOMEI Partition Assistant software to clone my original HD with no errors and more free space. It is running as the boot drive in my laptop.
That leaves me now trying to find how to recover the other 320GB Scorpio Black from 107GB to 320GB and I still hope someone can help. If not I might have to start a new post.

The new drive parameters are:
Physical sectors 625142448
Totalsiize 298.09GB
Sectors per track 63
Cylinder 38913
Head 255
Allocation unit 4096
Total allocation units on disk 78142207