Wrong file size display after converting to NTFS

as the title describes, I converted my hard drive (MyBook Essential) into NTFS file system, already having stored lots of stuff in it, and it shows most of the files to be extremely big now (for example, some files or folders appear to be more than 100TB big!!!).  As a result, I cant copy any of these files or folders somewhere else, cause it says that the other drive has not the necessary capacity! Has anyone faced the same problem or any1 has the solution ready for me? Many thanx in advance  :slight_smile:

NTFS makes files slightly larger because of recovery records I think but not that much bigger. I am not sure what has gone wrong but if it says a file is 100tb it must be a wrong reading because your hard drive capacity is only upto 2TB.

You should have backed up the data originally before changing the FS to NTFS. I would suggest converting back to FAT or w/e FS you had at first and backing up the files THEN formatting the hard drive to NTFS not just converting it.

Converting always leads to problems anyway and your data can be lost if the file system becomes corrupt.

Make sure you do a full format and not a quick one. NOTE; formatting your drive will erase ALL data on it, so only do this once you have backed it up first.

I couldn’t convert the FS back to FAT32 cause as you probably know, FAT32 doesn’t accept files bigger than 4GB, and as most of my files appear to be BIG enough, it doesn’t let me convert the FS. Anyways, I found out that if I get into a folder and my view is ‘‘details’’, I can still see the xtra large files, but -oh! what a miracle- if I do a refresh, they appear to be their original and true size. Yeah!!!  Just for anyone who reads this thread, don’t you EVER try and convert a fully stored HD. Back it up first, then fully format it to NTFS. As the other fellow already said. Thank you, pal