Wrong file names when using ios share icon to upload to My Cloud

When I upload to My Cloud my IOS photos, I used to go to the IOS Photos app, choose a photo, click the Share icon, choose the My Cloud app, then I select the folder in which to save the Photo under the original filename IMG_xxxx.JPG. But recently, whenever I do this, a different filename format is used such as: 028CEF2C-E32A-47BF-A74F-12954DDDE7CA.JPG. When I use the My Cloud app directly and upload the photo, it retains the original IMG_xxxx.jpg file. And When I do the share icon but do email, it retains the original filename. So it doesn’t appear to be a problem with IOS rather with the share function to the My Cloud app.

Can you get this fixed? Or perhaps there’s a setting I haven’t found yet. Thanks.

Hi tradback,

Probably you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the WD My Cloud app. Also, ensure that you are not using iOS beta version. It should not change the name.

If the issue persists, contact WD support. To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thank You!