Wrong driver / HD not show up

I have a WD 500GB, My passport External HD. When I plug into my computer it installed some wrong driver. I have removed this driver but everytime I try again it installes this wrong driver and does not show up on my computer.

When I plug in, it installs some driver called Initio. On my driver list I have disabled and uninstalled, but when I try again the same thing happens and installs Initio driver.

Please help!

How does Microsoft’s UVCView identify your drive?

AIUI, if the drive were working correctly, it should identify itself with a Product ID (PID) of 070A, and a Vendor ID (VID) of 1058 (Western Digital).

Instead it appears to be reporting the PID and VID of the USB-SATA bridge chip inside the enclosure. This chip is manufactured by Initio Corp (VID = 13FD).

I’m not certain, but ISTM that the firmware on the little bridge board may be corrupt, which would then cause the Initio chip to identify itself with the generic IDs inside the chip itself rather than the IDs in the firmware. Or perhaps this is how the chip behaves if it doesn’t detect a functioning hard drive???

Is there an Initio device in Device Manager?

I am having the exact same problem , And yess Initio is showing in the device manager,  it happened to both of my hard drives , my book essential 2.0 1tb ON THE SSAME DAY.  BOTH OF THEM !!

also the usbDv shows the drive as initio default controller.

Do you have a driver such as the following?



Is there an INF file, possibly in the C:\WINDOWS\inf directory, that contains a reference to Initio or ivusb?

Not sure I will check tonight. Any work around to mannualy associate the correct driver?

this happens to alot of people, no solution yet…

**bleep** initio device…

ISTM that the most expedient solution would be to remove the drive from its enclosure and connect it directly to your motherboard. I’m assuming that it is not encrypted or password protected, and that the Initio USB-SATA bridge chip is on a separate bridge board, not part of the drive.

haha i never knew that my old motherboard ( my pc is like 6 years old) had a usb port in her. So ive decided to check my pc from the inside, and i found 2 usb ports going straight to my motherboard, ive plugged in my passport and OULA its wroking now! All the files are still in there, THANK GOD!

THANKS fzabkar!  and initio device is gone :))

Guess what evrybody,  this is NOT just a WD issue.  I have 5 MyBooks but my newest Seagate FreeAgent Go 1 TB has done the same thing. Initio… why can’t someone tell us why that is discovered, you can run diagnostics against the drive but it will not be found on a Windows 7 laptop, Windows XP laptop and Windows Vista Ultimate laptop.

I have just added a USB hub onto my PC. I connected my WD Elements HD and this is when the Initio problem occurred for me. I just plugged drive directly to my Pc and it worked. Simple fix for me but if it helps anyone else all the better.

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I cracked open my case and installed to the motherboard and works fine. Guess that’s how I will use.