Wrong colors at switch on WDTV Live Hub


I’m new and from Germany.


Each time I switch on this device the screen is mostly violet. Only after setting new the video output the colors are ok.

It remembers the before adjusted resolution, but at start the colors are wrong.

This effect appears olny the last few days. The first days I have not had this problem.

I use a computer TFT (LG W2452T) and via WDTV I got the following file:

  Model name… W2452
  Manufacturer… LGE
  Plug and Play ID… GSM5694
  Serial number… 327962
  Manufacture date… 2008, ISO week 4
  Filter driver… None
  EDID revision… 1.3
  Input signal type… Digital
  Color bit depth… Undefined
  Display type… RGB color
  Screen size… 520 x 320 mm (24,0 in)
  Power management… Standby, Suspend, Active off/sleep
  Extension blocs… None
  DDC/CI… n/a

Color characteristics
  Default color space… Non-sRGB
  Display gamma… 2,20
  Red chromaticity… Rx 0,653 - Ry 0,337
  Green chromaticity… Gx 0,295 - Gy 0,607
  Blue chromaticity… Bx 0,144 - By 0,075
  White point (default)… Wx 0,313 - Wy 0,329
  Additional descriptors… None

Timing characteristics
  Horizontal scan range… 30-83kHz
  Vertical scan range… 56-75Hz
  Video bandwidth… 170MHz
  CVT standard… Not supported
  GTF standard… Not supported
  Additional descriptors… None
  Preferred timing… Yes
  Native/preferred timing… 1920x1200p at 60Hz (16:10)
    Modeline… “1920x1200” 154,000 1920 1968 2000 2080 1200 1203 1209 1235 +hsync -vsync
  Detailed timing #1… 1600x1200p at 60Hz (16:10)
    Modeline… “1600x1200” 162,000 1600 1664 1856 2160 1200 1201 1204 1250 +hsync +vsync

Standard timings supported
     720 x  400p at  70Hz - IBM VGA
     640 x  480p at  60Hz - IBM VGA
     640 x  480p at  75Hz - VESA
     800 x  600p at  60Hz - VESA
     800 x  600p at  75Hz - VESA
    1024 x  768p at  60Hz - VESA
    1024 x  768p at  75Hz - VESA
    1280 x 1024p at  75Hz - VESA
    1600 x 1200p at  60Hz - VESA STD
    1280 x 1024p at  75Hz - VESA STD
    1680 x 1050p at  60Hz - VESA STD
    1280 x  960p at  75Hz - VESA STD
    1280 x 1024p at  60Hz - VESA STD

Report information
  Date generated… 01.05.2011
  Software revision…
  Data source… File
  Operating system… 5.1.2600.2.Service Pack 3

Raw data


How I said, it remembers the adjusted resolution after power on, but at setting the resolution it tells that the tv doesn’t support the resolution. After forcing the res. everything is ok, at all possible resolution but 1080i50 and 1080p24.

The monitor shows the settet res. at its OSD although the res. is not listet in the file above and not in the techn. datasheet of the monitor.

Usually I use 1080p60. I there a possibility that the monitor can get a damage?

Many thanks


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

There’s currently an issue where the WDTV incorrectly selects a YUV colorspace for use with DVI devices, resulting in the issue you’re seeing. You can work around this by changing the color space in the video settings. We are currently working on fixing this issue.

Many thanks at Trancer and Guy_K!

@Guy_K: What do you mean with “work around this by changing the color space in the video settings”?

I set :

Video Output -> HDMI

Display resolution-> 1080pXX

Color Space -> Auto

“TV does not support this resolution …” -> Force or Auto (has no effect)

Sure? -> OK

Now the colors are ok. (And resolution is 1080)

And this procedure mostly each time switching on the player.

Do you mean another setting, wich I only have to do once?

Or do you mean: “You have to do it each time. But it’s a way.” (On a DVI-device)

So far I could observe: The wrong colors come, when I switch the player off and shortly later on again.

When I switch it on the first time a day, the colors are right immediately.

And is it estimated that it is a hardware problem, or could it be that a firmware update  brings the fix?

Thank you for your efforts,