Writing permissions anomaly

On a windows 10 machine with full read/write permissions, I noticed that I do not appear to be able to directly export database information onto the MyCloud.

From the standard windows explorer UI, I can save, delete, and otherwise manipulate files without any problems. But when I try to export any sort of database information from SQL Server 2012, or from a CAD based program that utilizes SQL databases, I am given a write permission error. SQL server 2012 and the CAD based program are exporting different types of files. What they have in common is that they are exporting data from a database.

Oddly enough, I can export the data onto a local drive, and then manually copy it over to MyCloud without any issues.

Is there some sort of permission setting that I missed?

While the following link deals with backing up an SQL database to an NAS, it may have a solution or workaround for your issue of being unable to export the SQL data to the My Cloud. The export problem could be due to the SQL command being executed within the bounds of the account the SQL Server service.

How to Backup SQL Databases to a Network Share

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Brilliant! This is exactly what I needed to see to fix the problem. It was an oversight on my part. Many thanks!