Write zeros


In order to correct bad sectors I tried " WD data lifeguard diagnostics " to write zeros to my HD (of 500 GB), but I found that when it arrives to 40 % it gets very slow, after more than three days of writing zeros, my estimation to finish completelly will take more than two weeks. So I stoped it and tried " HDD Low Level Format Tools ", but the same problem, when it arrives to 40% it becomes very slow.

please if anyone has already used any of these softwares, could help about what to do ? what could y advise me ? and if there is another way yo write zeros in less time ?

Thank you very much in advance

DBAN is the ISO we use to make a boot CD to wipe all our outgoing drives…but if its taking more than a day, there is somehting wrong with the drive i think – you say it keeps sticking @ 40% – could be the controller or surface of the disk.

Try in another computer. If it stalls at 40% just rma the drive. The drive seems to be broken

In order to make the RMA easier for you, you can run the extended test in the Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool.

You don’t need to run the full test. Just abort it, when it gets stuck at around 40%. This will probably create a new value in the first line of the SMART-report (Raw Read Error Rate). If this value is below the treshold value, you are eligible for a RMA.