Write-speed incredibly slow since update


I bought a WDTV Live Hub a few days ago, and at first I could transfer files from my iMac (with Snow Leopard) to the WD TV Live Hub at an acceptable speed (around 7,5 MB / sec). Then I upgraded to the latest firmware and suddenly the write speed is horrible (around an hour for a 2 GB file, so about 0,5 MB / sec).
Does anyone had this experience, and is there a way to fix it?

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Edit: extra info: both the iMac and the WD TV-hub are wire-connected to my Airport Extreme (gigabit).

Try rebooting your router. If it does not improved than try a full reset of the hub.

Make sure you also are not doing any disk intensive operations on your mac at the same time.   You only have so much I/O bandwidth off the same disk.

I regularly get 14MB/s which is only in the 103Mbit range even though the WD is connected at the full 1000Mbit.   It’s just the SMB software and the hardware not fast enough to keep up with the network.

On my network backup machine I get 23MB/s and it’s also on the slow hardware end, but that’s over rsync.

Okay, I’ve been testing with the settings and the network, turns out there seems to be something wrong with my airport extreme: if I use another router, file-transfer works just fine (around 8 mb / sec). Thanks for the help anyway!