Write speed down to 18 MB/s from 70 MB/s on its own

Write speed has plummeted to just 18 MB/s from 70 MB/s on its own. Nothing has changed in the network. I suspect the latest firmware to be the culprit.

Can anyone confirm or help me on the issue?

Thank you.

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Copying in the private user space or on the public share?

Are you using a Mac or a pc?

Thank you for your reply.

I’m copying a 560 GB .vbk file in a folder I created. I have been doing this for months now and all of a sudden the write speed just plummeted. With that kind of file size I need the maximum speed or this device is just trash for me.

I’m on PC. From 2012R2 to my cloud home directly.

Are you copying it into the Public share or your private space?

In the web user interface under files and folders I created a folder and didn’t share it. So I assume it is private.

You copy through the web application, why not through WD Discovery, Finder or Windows Explorer?

No I don’t copy through web interface. I just adjust the settings from there because the only interface I can access is the web interface of the cloud. There is no other interface I can access from the internal IP of the device.

When I start copying it stars from about 70 MB/s then instantly drops to 18.7 MB/s and stays constant there.

It is quite obvious that the device has limited itself but no one offers any solution to fix this.

I can’t even find a way to downgrade the firmware.

Since when did you notice this?

They released a new firmware (7.4.0-116) on March 19th. It is not yet installed on my unit yet.

It has been a couple of months now since I noticed this issue.

Back then I just stopped using it because I couldn’t find a fix for it.

But now the situation I’m in makes me use it one way or another. So, I have to find a fix.

Like yours, mine also didn’t get the latest firmware. Actually mine even didn’t get the one before the latest.

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You are still on 7.2.0? Bizarre. I don’t get how they manage the update distribution process.

exact the same problem as I have. since about 5 months.

Same here… When do WD fix it ? It’s frustrating

I’m on 7.40-116 and can concur that my write and read speeds have been cutdown from 70-100MB down to 18MB/s. I suspect it’s the firmware again as we’ve had this issue before.

Same problem. Will anybody from wd answer or something?

Tried contacting support. I’ve told them it’s firmware related. I’ve told them that other users have had this issue. But they still insist on me calling in and trying the same basic troubleshooting. Honestly I should’ve just bought a normal My Cloud drive or maybe just built something with FreeNas. Because the firmware they’ve got us running on right now sucked the performance right out of what these drives use to have.