Write Protected Windows 7 over, over, and over again

I have two 500gb MyBooks. I have factory reset my entire Windows 7 computer. I have reformatted both drives NTFS and copied the data back to each. I have taken ownership of both drives and all the files within them. I have also removed the write protection using the command prompt by “attributes disk clear readonly” & “attributes volume clear readonly” ( http://www.t3chworks.com/index.php?p=2_1). This process does work but only temporarily. I normally end up doing this on a daily basis. I am convinced this is a conflict between Windows 7 and MyBook and none of the tricks are a true fix. My question, IS THERE A PERMANENT FIX TO THIS PROBLEM THAT MANY OF US ARE HAVING? :angry:

I have exactly the same problem, unfortunately removing the write protection doesn’t work for me.  So far the only way I’ve managed to temporarily get the drive to let me copy data over is by reformatting using the command prompt and then copying all my data back on to the drive.  After a reboot though, once again the drive is write protected and wont allow me to transfer anything again. 

I phoned WD a minute ago and they had no idea and referred me to Microsoft.  Before I get into a lengthy call to them, has anyone come up with a solution yet at all?