Write Permission to Root Directory

I have a MyBook Live 2TB drive and store movies in the Public/Shared Videos folder.  I recently got a Popcorn Hour Media Player and can see the videos from its file browser as IP address/nfs/Public/Shared Videos but it has the ability to create a movie database of the vidoes I have stored.  It requires that the database be stored on the root directory though (nfs). 

Is there a way to set the write permissions of that root directory?


By default the public share is set for full access to read and write.

We do not support changing the permissions to the public folder.

Any other shares you create will give you the ability to grant or deny permissions.

Thanks John012,

The Public directory is set to full access but the media server is recognizing a folder above the Public folder as the root directory.  In other words, from the media server, I select the appropriate workgroup, then the IP address of the MBL shows up, under that a folder called nfs, under that the Public folder.  The media server is requiring the database be located in the folder abover Public. 

From my computer I don’t even see this folder, so I’m not sure where it’s coming up with that.

The media server seems to connect to that directory by default. You can try to see if there’s a way to connect to another share.

Did you try checking the players website for additional support?

Which popcorn have you got?

theres a suggestion from here -> 


About running it in read only, and see if that helps, if not you could do it though SSH i guess,

Login as root, then the commands

cd /

mkdir nmj_database;

cd nmj_database;

touch media.db;

chmod 666 media.db;

So allow read and write but no exec, then when it loads up the file will exist and be writeable, you may also need to set the permsions of nmj_databases to the same 666