Write continuous on Tape


I uses a Arkeia Appliance RA4300 with a Tandberg LTO4 Tapelibrary (inkl. IBM Ultruim Drive).

All works fine; only if I make a Replication on Tape, the Tape writes and stop an start write again.

Is there any possibillity to make the Drive write continuous? I read something about “Disable Software Compresson” for the Tape, but I can´t find any further Informations.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.


Robert Kraus.


Software compression occurs on the WD Arkeia Client when a non dedupe backup is performed.

In this scenario, the data is compressed on the client machine and written to the RA3400 disk storage

in a priprietary format. (non human readable files).

When the tape replication occurs, the (non human readable files) are copied to the magntetic tape media.

Disabling the Software compression will only write the (non human readable files) to the disk storage

in an uncompressed format.  The backup on disk will still be copied to the tape media in the same format.

How To: Disable Software Compression

* Open the WebUI to  Backup > What to Backup

* Select the Savepack

* Click “Modify”

* Set the Compression/Deduplication Type to “No Compression”

* Click OK to save the changes.