WPC watchdog error after disconnecting My Passport Ultra

I use a laptop and want to install MyPassport Utra on a usb drive on my ASUS router and use a backup software other than WD’s.  I’m having trouble making that work.  In the meantime, I connected My Passport directly to my laptop and backed up.  Since I don’t want to have the My Passport dangling from my laptop all the time, I safely remove the drive after a manual backup.  Then I get a DPC Watchdog violaton and my laptop freezes. Sometimes, it’s immediate, sometimes it’s a few days before I get the DPC violation.

laptop:  Dell Inspiron 5547, running windows 8.1, updates are current

Any help would be apprciated. Thanks

Welcome to the Community.

Are you able to upload a screenshot of this particular error message? Have you been able to discover a reproducible method to trigger it in order to trace down the source of the error?

Thanks, Trancor.  I’ve restarted my laptop twice with no problem.  There was an sound indicating an error in the shut down process but no problems on the restart.  Hopefully, MS or someone has fixed the problem.  If it resurfaces, I will do a screen shot and google any error code.

Now I need to figure out how to make my backup work over my LAN so I can have it done automatically.

Thanks for the update. I’m glad this appears to be resolved.

On the other hand WD SmartWare can perform backups over your network. However, this feature only works with WD NAS devices and not USB drives.