WP Passport USB 3: How to unsinstall the Smartware Uopdate for Real Time Back Up?


I have just installed the WD Smartware Update that allows for real time back up.

However the performance is falling short of my expectation, the Win 7 boot up time is very slow at an unacceptable level and it slows down most Win 7 applications.

I have successfully unstalled the Smartware at the Intrernal Drive C and reinstall it back the basic version from the set up at WD Passport. The performance still very slow. I believe that the part of updates that resides at the WD Passport still not removed.

May I know if there is a way to remove this?

I would like to use at the basic mode instead of advance mode until a better real time back up software is made available.

Thank you

Low Seng Kuang

I am not sure what you mean by Basic and Adanced modes.  Smartware is installed on the computer, not on the external drive.  If you remove it from the computer, only the installation files should reside in the external.