Would You Buy a WD TV Live Again? I'm Thinking About Buying One

I’ve owned a Roku PhotoBridge HD, Buffalo LinkTheater and Netgear EVA9100 so this isn’t my first media player rodeo.  All of them have failed me miserably, ultimately when it comes to support.

Here are my needs: I want to stream movies from my media pc consisting mostly of .iso files of movies I own.  I would like to stream Netflix and also use PlayOn which has features I really like and is compatible with this WD unit according to PlayOn’s site.

If I only wanted to stream online, I’d go with the Roku, but it doesn’t stream from local network sources, so the WD is at the top of my list.  Would you recommend it?  I can tell you for sure DON’T buy a Netgear media player - horrible support once the device is made available to the public.  One firmware update in a year (then EOL’d) and NO software updates.

So… will I do better with WD?  Thanks for your responses.


If you plan to use it for streaming Netflix forget about it. I’ve had this box since November of 2010 and about 2 months ago I started having major issues with the box not connecting to Netflix no matter what I do, reset the box to factory defaults, plug the box to a US Robotics router or even staright to the modem. Even had 1 RMAd already and when I got the new one it worked for a day then the issue started all over again. Until recently I HAD cablevision internet but have since flushed them for 4 straight weeks of interupted service they can’t find a cause for but thats another story.


I also have a lot of .ISO files (not enough time to encode them to mp4s) and the WD TV Live Plus plays them flawlessly. By hitting the Options button on the remote, you can jump to the ‘DVD’ menu. It’s very convenient, especially if the .ISO contains multiple episodes from a series, for example. It also saves you time not needing to encode to MP4.

As far as Netflix, I’ve never had a problem connecting. Of course, I run my WD TV Live Plus wired, and not wirelessly.

I can add my feelings about Roku - forget it! Even running wired, I had constant drop-offs for no reason and have to wait for a slow reload - whether it was Amazon, Netflix - didn’t matter - and this was running on a gigabit network.

Oh, I guess I should add that I’m on a wired gigabit network and get 20-30 Mbps on the Internet, so connectivity isn’t an issue for me.

I have acquired and disposed of 3 D-Link media players in favor of both WD Live & WD Live Plus. The Plus delivers Netfix flawlessly over an N network. I stream practically anything wirelessly to 2 WD Live (non-Plus) and could not be happier. WD provides a decent number of firmware upgrades and add Internet content when available. For the money, the WD Live Plus is a good value.  cj

I too am pretty satisfied My wife watches Netflix probably most out of most people I would say easily 4 to 6 hours a day and she is not computer literate and she never complains a couple times Netflix server issues but that is it. As far as iso files I have about 900 movies some of them will lock the unit up and restart I then have to go to preview mode to play it usually I think it is a bug and having to do with menus.

My biggest complaint is that I aplhabetize all my movies and I have 7 hard drives I don’t want to try and find which movie is on which drive so I use a playlist creator and with the live hub not the live pluses the playlist will go to about 60 titles then it restarts at the beginning again. I have talked to customer support but no solution yet.

Sounds to me those other units are a whole lot less which is good to know hope this helps