Would my current configuration benefit from the WD TV live?

Currently I have a PC connected to my 50 in TV via VGA cable.  I use a sound card with optical out to my receiver.  The receiver does NOT have HDMI.  The PC is hardwired to my network and I keep my media on an external 1 TB USB drive.  

So I purchased the WD unit and connected it to my TV via HDMI and ran the optical to my receiver then streamed the video from the aforementioned PC, would I get more bang for my buck or would it really make no difference.  I currently use an IR keyboard to control the PC.

Thank you for any input.


Other than simplicity, no, I don’t see there’s any value in a standalone media device if your PC is already fully connected to your system…

That was kind of my feeling as well.  I don’t want to give up the connection to the TV because I can currently use it to surf the web, read email, etc.  I just wasn’t sure if I would see any improvement in picture or sound quality.  Of course if the interface is intuitive enough for my wife to use it may be worth it.

Well, another advantage for the Green-Conscious is that a WDTV plus an External HD consumes a LOT less power compared to a PC…